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Useful tips

  1. April 22 2020

    Supernurses have new powers. For example, they can diagnose common illnesses based on their expertise.

  2. April 8 2020

    During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember that your pharmacist has new powers.

  3. March 11 2020

    Do you have a physical impairment? A disabled parking permit could make your life easier.

  4. February 26 2020

    In case of a misunderstanding with the owner of a private seniors’ residence, recourse is available.

  5. February 12 2020

    Are you about to sign a lease for a private seniors’ residence? Here’s what you need to know.

  6. January 29 2020

    Are you paying a surcharge on the basic amount for subsidized childcare? Not any more.

  7. January 15 2020

    Québec Ombudsman, student ombudsman, municipal ombudsman… Here’s for a better idea of the difference between them.

  8. December 11 2019

    Planning a long trip outside Québec? The length of your stay could affect your insurance.

  9. November 27 2019

    Here’s how to make sense of housing options for seniors.

  10. November 6 2019

    What happens when end-of-life patients request medical aid in dying of their own volition?