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The Québec Ombudsman’s principles

Generally, anyone whose personal information is held by the Québec Ombudsman has the right to obtain it.

However, the investigations carried out by the Québec Ombudsman are private. The information and documents obtained by the Québec Ombudsman during an investigation are confidential and cannot be accessed, even by the person concerned.

When you write to ask for personal information about you, the person in charge of access only conveys the information he or she is allowed to give you.

If the information or documents are from another public body, you must contact that organization.

Ref.: s. 83 of the Act respecting access to information held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (A-2.1), ss. 24 and 34 of the Public Protector Act and s. 35 of the Act respecting the Health and Social Services Ombudsman.

Procedure for requesting personal information or for having it corrected:

  1. Your request must be in writing (s. 94 of A-2.1);

  2. You must state and prove in which capacity you are acting (concerned person, heir, estate liquidator, life insurance beneficiary, or holder of parental authority);

  3. You must specify:

    • which personal information you want to access, as well as how you want to receive it (at the office of the Québec Ombudsman or by mail); or

    • which incomplete, inaccurate, or ambiguous information you want corrected (s. 89 of A-2.1). Requests for corrections apply only to personal information. Opinions, conclusions, or recommendations cannot be changed.

Procedure for access to documents from the Québec Ombudsman:

  1. Your request may be made verbally or in writing (s. 43 of A-2.1). Only written applications can be reviewed by the Commission d’accès à l’information.

  2. You must specify which document(s) you want, as well as how you want to receive them (at the Québec Ombudsman’s office or by mail). For institutional documents (leaflets, brochures, speeches, annual reports, etc.), send your requests directly to

Processing requests

When your request is received, the officer responsible for access sends an acknowledgement and contacts you with a decision within 20 days. This may be extended by up to ten days if processing within the deadline would interfere with the Québec Ombudsman’s normal activities.

The officer responsible for access to information and the protection of personal information is Stéphanie Julien. She is mandated to assist anyone with requests made under A-2.1. She must also assist anyone who asks for help understanding a decision that has been made.

Stéphanie Julien
Responsable de l'accès à l'information et de la protection des renseignements personnels
Protecteur du citoyen
800, place D'Youville, 19e étage
Québec (Québec)  G1R 3P4 Canada

Phone: 1-800-463-5070
Fax: 1-866-902-7130

Distribution of information

The Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information does not apply to the Québec Ombudsman. However, we have a policy with content similar to the Regulation’s.


Information about contracts

Information about expenses

Travel expenses
The Québec Ombudsman provides services from its Québec City office and its Montréal office. To carry out investigations, employees are regularly required to travel to different regions of Québec. This includes visits to health and social services institutions and to correctional facilities.

Official expenses of senior management 
Official expenses or representation costs of senior management. Costs are reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

Hospitality expenses
Hospitality expenses, in particular, for visits by organization representatives or dignitaries or for official ceremonies (e.g. expenses for activities under the retirement recognition policy).

Costs incurred (registration and instructional material) for attending training activities, symposiums, or conventions. These travel expenses are indicated in tables Frais de déplacement du personnel and Frais de déplacement des titulaires d’un emploi supérieur.

Advertising and promotion contracts
Contracts for various publicity-strategy activities. These include strategic thinking, conception, production, media planning, and promotional activities. Contracts for media purchases (print media, radio, television, billboards, internet) are also included.

Mobile telecommunication contracts 
Information about mobile telecommunication contracts (types of equipment, acquisition costs, number of packages, service costs).

Leases for space rental
Information about each lease for space rented to the Québec Ombudsman.

Indemnities, allowances and annual salaries
Annual salary (information as at March 30 of every year), indemnities and allowances of senior management (Ombudsperson and Deputy Ombudspersons).

Documents sent when an access is requested


Salaries (French version only - PDF, 63 KB)

Ad expenses for social media (PDF, 81 KB)


Access to the Québec Ombudsman’s brief entitled Homelessness in Québec (French version only - PDF, 2 MiB)

Report by the Québec Ombudsman on certain sources of injustice stemming from application of the Automobile Insurance Act and on recommended solutions (French version only - PDF, 7.5 MiB)

Access to the Québec Ombudsman’s 2017-2018 Annual Report (French version only - PDF, 2.4 MiB)

Access to reports or letters indicating incidents of violation of privacy or documenting stolen or lost personal information or personal information sent to the wrong recipient (French version only - PDF, 2.3 MiB)

Access to grounds for complaint related to the passage of the Act to increase Québec’s socio-economic prosperity and adequately meet labour market needs through successful immigrant integration (French version only - PDF, 2.1 MiB)

Access to the "number of complaints received from people age 65 and over, broken down by subject," for 2018 and 2019 (French version only - PDF, 2.8 MiB)

Access to the number of closed grounds for complaint of people 65 years old and over, by subject and body concerned, for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 (French version only - PDF, 2.3 MiB)


List of all the branches of the Québec Ombudsman, including contact information (French version only - PDF, 3.4 MiB)

Information concerning attorneys, notaries, and criminal and penal prosecutors (French version only - PDF, 3.4 MiB)

Reports of inspections conducted in CHSLDs and PSRs since January 1, 2010 (French version only - PDF, 6.6 MiB)

Documents concerning the decision to exempt the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes from the obligations of the Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies (French version only - PDF, 2.8 MiB)


Access to information request concerning the number of visits by the Québec Ombudsman to Québec correctional facilities since 2015 (French version only - PDF, 235 KB)

Access to information request about Leclerc correctional facility (French version only - PDF, 297.5 KB)

Access to information request about strip searches in correctional facilities (French version only - PDF, 651.7 KB)

Access to information request concerning the identification of Québec police officers (French version only - PDF, 287 KB)

Access to information request concerning the representativity of people from Black communities within Québec's public service (French version only - PDF, 1 MiB)

Access to information request concerning documents related to the return to work of a salaried employee further to a disability leave (French version only - PDF, 603 KB)


Access to information request concerning the conservation of Québec Ombudsman documents (French version only - PDF, 2.43 MiB)

Access to information request concerning the representivity of members of the Black community within public institutions and organizations (French version only - PDF, 831 KB)

Access to information request concerning complaints, reporting and intervention reports about CHSLDs and RPAs (French version only - PDF, 2.8 MiB)

Request for access to a copy of a 2015 report on procedural fairness as part of the disciplinary process (French version only - PDF, 1.3 MiB)


Request to access the Québec Ombudsman's 1986 Annual Report (French version only - PDF, 2.8 MiB)

Request to access the Québec Ombudsman's 1984 Annual Report (French version only - PDF, 3.9 MiB)

Request to access the Québec Ombudsman's 1982-1983 Annual Report (French version only - PDF, 2.7 MiB)

Access to information request concerning Centre d’hébergement Harricana and a questionnaire on access to public residential resources (French version only - PDF, 303 KiB)

Access to information request concerning the number of complaints received by the Québec Ombudsman about CHSLD Domaine Saint-Dominique since October 1, 2022 (French version only - PDF, 308 KiB)

Request for access to information concerning the number of visits to provincial correctional facilities, including the Hull facility (French version only - PDF, 355 KiB)

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