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Confidential nature of all personal information

All personal information provided by the users of this website is confidential and is protected and processed in accordance with the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information.

Rules governing the collection of personal information

Only authorized Québec Ombudsman employees have access to the information sent, and solely for exercising their functions and performing their duties. 

Email messages are processed using the same privacy measures as regular mail. If you send us personal information by email or by means of a form accessed through our website, we will use only the information required to respond to your message. 

The personal information you send will be shared with another public agency only if required by law. 

For security reasons, we do not respond by email to questions requiring personal and confidential information without prior notice.

Automatically transmitted data

As soon as you access the Québec Ombudsman website, the following information is exchanged automatically between your computer and the site server:

  • Domain name and IP address 

  • Type of browser and operating system used 

  • Pages visited

  • Address of referencing site if you linked to the Québec Ombudsman website from another website 

The data automatically transmitted between computers does not make it possible to identify you personally. It is collected for technical reasons to allow Internet browsing and is used only for statistical purposes. This exchange of information is also used to display the website’s content in a way that is the most compatible with your computer equipment.

Data gathered for statistical purposes

The Québec Ombudsman uses Google Analytics to analyze the browsing behaviour of site visitors and to produce statistical reports. It is a tool that analyzes the frequency and nature of website use.

Google Analytics collects the following information:

  • the number of visitors to the site;

  • browser and operating system type (Windows, Mac OS, Linux); 

  • date, time and length of visits; 

  • pages visited; 

  • address of referencing sites if you linked to the Québec Ombudsman website from another website.

Use of IP addresses and cookies by Google Analytics

To collect the information for its statistical reports, Google Analytics uses:

  • IP addresses, namely, digital addresses that identify every computer connected to Internet; 

  • Cookies. A cookie is a computer text file that a web server installs on an Internet user’s computer, often without the user knowing. This file can be retrieved on a subsequent visit. Cookies can remain on your hard disk for a short time (30 days) or a longer period (two years). 

A part of the IP address and the information generated by the cookie about your use of the website are transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

The last part of the IP enables exact local of the computer. This is not sent to Google. Furthermore, no personal information that would identify the visitor is recorded on or provided to Google by Google Analytics.

Cookies are used to:​

  • collect standard data from Internet log files: web pages viewed by site users, web browser used to access the Québec Ombudsman’s site, browser language, etc.; 

  • collect data anonymously on the browsing behaviour of visitors to our site.

How to opt out of analysis by Google Analytics

You can choose to opt out of analysis by Google Analytics by:

You will continue to be able to access information or comparable services on our website. If you have never deactivated cookies on your browser, the default setting (cookie acceptance) is used.

Links to other websites

The Québec Ombudsman website suggests links to other sites. However, as soon as you leave our website, the information exchanged is no longer subject to our privacy rules but rather those of the other websites you visit.