All personal information is confidential

All personal information provided by the users of this website is confidential and is protected and processed under the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (the Act).

Rules for collecting personal information

Only authorized Québec Ombudsman employees have access to your personal information, and only for use in doing their job.

Email messages are processed using the same privacy measures as regular mail. If you send us personal information by email or through one of our online forms, we will use only the information required to respond to your message.

The personal information you send will be shared with another public agency only if required by law.  

For security reasons, we will not respond by email to requests which contain personal and confidential information without notice.

Automatically transmitted data

As soon as you access the Québec Ombudsman website, the following information is exchanged automatically between your computer and the site server:

Automatically transmitted data will not identify you. They are used only for statistical purposes, particularly to know which pages have the most visitors.

The Québec Ombudsman uses Google Analytics to analyze the browsing behaviour of site visitors and to produce statistical reports. You can opt out by installing the Google analytics opt-out browser add-on.

Use of cookies

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Links to other websites

The Québec Ombudsman’s website suggests links to other sites. As soon as you leave our website, the information exchanged is no longer subject to our privacy rules, but to those of the other websites you visit.