The Québec Ombudsman

Common complaints

"I’m not getting all the home support hours I should have."

Other examples of inaccessible services

"My daughter, who has mental health problems, has just been expelled from the centre where she was lodged."


Other examples of infringement of rights

"I disagree with the SAAQ about the amount of compensation I should have."

Other examples of financial damage

"My neighbour is a polluter and the Department in charge of the file isn’t doing anything about it."


Other examples of inadequate services

"I received a hospital room bill that I wasn’t informed about while I was hospitalized."


Other examples of incomplete information

Frequently Asked Questions

All frequently asked questions

No. To ensure personal information is protected and information is kept confidential, the Québec Ombudsman does not handle complaints on social media, even via private messenger.

A complaint to the Québec Ombudsman is usually filed by the person who personally experienced the situation for which the complaint was lodged while a report is made by someone who has witnessed shortcomings or injustice in public services.

Many people turn to the Québec Ombudsman to file complaints against a hospital pharmacist, dentist, physician or resident.


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July 19 2017
Intervention report

The Québec Ombudsman received a report about the difficulty North Shore residents have getting an appointment with a radiologist in order to receive anti-inflammatory injections.

July 17 2017
Investigation result

A man felt that his wife had not been monitored adequately at a hospital where she had fallen three times. He complained to the Québec Ombudsman.