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Common complaints

"The personal care that my mother is getting at a CHSLD seems inadequate to me."

Other examples of inadequate services

"Retraite Québec gave me insufficient information about my pension assessment."

Other examples of incomplete information

" The hospital has refused to grant me physiotherapy and has referred me to a private clinic instead."

Other examples of infringement of rights

"I got a notice of assessment from Revenu Québec that seems unfair."

Other examples of financial damage

"I can’t seem to be able to have my health insurance card renewed. "

Other examples of wait times


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September 29 2016
At the end of a decade as the Ombudsperson, today Raymonde Saint-Germain presented her findings and recommendations on the occasion of the tabling of the Québec Ombudsman’s 2015-2016 Annual Report in the National Assembly.
September 29 2016
As Québec’s Correctional Ombudsman, the Québec Ombudsman is tasked to ensure that the rights of detainees in Québec correctional facilities are upheld. This year, with chronic prison overcrowding as a backdrop, its findings mainly concern the transfer of female inmates from Maison Tanguay to Leclerc de Laval correctional facility.