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Common complaints

"I feel that the employee who handled my application was disrespectful."

Other examples of staff attitude

"I can’t seem to be able to have my health insurance card renewed."

Other examples of wait times

"I’m not getting all the home support hours I should have."

Other examples of inaccessible services

''I received a notice of non-payment by mistake.''

Other examples of administrative errors

"I received a hospital room bill that I wasn’t informed about while I was hospitalized."

Other examples of incomplete information

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. You can ask the Québec Ombudsman for its help even if you are not a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status. For example, you can file a complaint if you want to immigrate to Québec, so long as your complaint concerns a public service of the Government of Québec, in other words, a department, an agency or an institution that is part of the health and social services...

Yes. If a member of your family, one of your friends or an organization cannot lodge a complaint, you can do so for them. However, if you want to be informed about the Québec Ombudsman’s conclusions, the person or organization has to fill out the Power of Attorney form (PDF, 124 Ko) for that purpose beforehand.

The Québec Ombudsman remains neutral and independent. When a complaint falls under our jurisdiction, we interview all the parties concerned...


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February 9 2016
Reaction to bills and draft regulations
The Québec Ombudsman presented its brief on Bill 70, An Act to allow a better match between training and jobs and to facilitate labour market entry, to the Committee on Labour and the Economy.
February 9 2016
Reaction to bills and draft regulations
The Québec Ombudsman tabled a brief with the Committee on Public Finance concerning Bill 87, An Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings within public bodies.