Handling reprisal complaints

As soon as we receive a reprisal complaint, we check whether we can process it. If the reprisal you are experiencing is not within our jurisdiction, we refer you to the appropriate resource promptly. 

Investigation procedure

  • If the complaint is admissible, we check to see whether there are reasonable grounds for an investigation. If so, we launch a rigorous and impartial investigation.
  • We gather the relevant information from the parties concerned (the complainant, the person who allegedly carried out the reprisal, witnesses, etc.). Note that we must disclose the complainant's identity to the public body or person who allegedly carried out reprisal.
  • At the end of the investigation, we report our conclusions to the highest-ranking administrative official within the public body concerned, or if warranted, to the minister responsible for the public body.
  • Where applicable, we make recommendations aimed at rectifying the situation and keep a close eye on them. Further to our investigation, the people who carried out reprisal may be prosecuted.
  • If we feel that the follow-up to our recommendations is unsatisfactory, we notify the minister responsible for the public body concerned. If we feel that it is called for, we may also report the situation in our annual report or in a special report tabled in the National Assembly.

Fair and impartial investigations 

The Québec Ombudsman is not your attorney. It must analyze all the information and examine all points of view. 

The Québec Ombudsman has the same powers as the commissioners appointed under the Act respecting public inquiry commissions, except the power to impose imprisonment. This means it can demand that documents be provided and summon anyone who has information needed for the investigation.  

Public bodies must cooperate throughout the investigation, give us access to all documents and answer all our questions. 

Our commitments 

Our Service Statement presents our commitments regarding the services we offer. Feel free to make any suggestions aimed at improving our services.