Handling your complaint

Your complaint is handled in strictest confidence. The personal information in your file is protected. It can only be accessed by the people authorized to consult it as part of their functions.

Two major stages

  1. Audit
    1. Receipt of your complaint
    2. Admissibility analysis
    3. Preliminary audit
  2. Investigative process
    1. Investigation
    2. Investigative conclusions
    3. Recommendations
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  1. Receipt of your complaint
  2. Can we process it? (Admissibility)

    End of processing. We refer you to the appropriate recourse.
    Please note: if your complaint concerns a court or tribunal decision, we cannot process it. See the other exclusions.

  3. Preliminary audit
    • We listen to your version of the events and examine any document you have supplied us with.
    • We consult the rules (laws, regulations, government programs, etc.) that should have been applied in your situation.
    • If we feel that a mistake has been made and that it can be corrected quickly, we can contact the body concerned.
    • If the situation is not corrected, or if your complaint requires further verification, we begin the investigation.
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Processing timeframe
Our Service Statement presents our commitments in terms of timeframes and service quality.

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