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Useful tips

  1. April 7 2021

    Whether your child is a minor or an adult, there are various tax credits and measures for you.

  2. March 24 2021

    March 24 is Whistleblower Awareness Day. Here’s how to speak out against a breach of public integrity.

  3. March 10 2021

    Many parents and legal guardians qualify for the tax credit for childcare expenses. Here are the main requirements.

  4. February 24 2021

    Did you have to switch to telework in 2020 because of the pandemic? Remember that some expenses can be used as tax deductions.

  5. February 10 2021

    In certain situations, Student Financial Assistance allows to you postpone repayment of your student debt. However, there are conditions.

  6. January 27 2021

    Free family mediation services are now available for couples who are separating.

  7. January 13 2021

    Are you a biological or an adoptive parent awaiting a child? The Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) has just been improved.

  8. December 16 2020

    In Québec, most wage earners are entitled to a day’s pay for each statutory holiday. But there are exceptions.

  9. December 2 2020

    Adopting a child? You now have the right to more benefit weeks.

  10. November 18 2020

    Québec’s health insurance card is required everywhere where care covered by the public plan is provided. Presenting a valid card is the only way of being sure that you do not have to pay out of pocket on the spot.