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Useful tips

  1. September 19 2018

    If you were adopted and want to know who your biological parents are, you’ll be able to soon.

  2. September 6 2018

    Some businesses and self-employed workers do not have to charge taxes to their clients, which cuts down on paperwork. Does this apply to you?

  3. August 22 2018

    Here or abroad, you can contact the Québec Ombudsman if you are dissatisfied with a Québec public service.

  4. July 18 2018

    Since June 30, 2018, Highway Safety Code rules have changed, including those concerning the use of cell phones while driving. Here is what you should know.

  5. July 5 2018

    Starting at the age of 14, anyone can see his or her medical file.

  6. June 20 2018

    Do you qualify?

  7. June 6 2018

    There is redress available if you have a complaint about a judge, a lawyer or a police officer.

  8. May 30 2018

    The Québec Ombudsman is calling for RAMQ to give access to free healthcare to children born in Québec whose parents have a precarious migratory status.

  9. May 2 2018

    Whether for mowing lawns, summer practicums or a job while studying, there are safety standards.

  10. April 18 2018

    Ward, semi-private room or private room? Before being hospitalized, it’s a good idea to find out about the conditions and costs for each formula.