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February 26, 2020

Leases in private seniors’ residences: help is at hand


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Have you told the representative of your private seniors’ residence that you are dissatisfied, but have not gotten the results you expected? Several kinds of recourse are available.

A broader role for CAAPs

Since October 2019, the role of complaints assistance centres (CAAPs) has been expanded. They now offer help and support in resolving disputes concerning leases. This new role stems from recommendations by the Québec Ombudsman in its 2016 special report on private seniors’ residences.

Now your CAAP can help you by:

  • informing you about your rights and obligations and available recourse if you encounter problems;
  • arranging a meeting to seek common ground with the representative of your residence;
  • accompanying you to the Régie du logement for a conciliation meeting or a hearing.

Problems concerning the rights stipulated in the lease

If the problem concerns non-compliance with a clause of the lease, you can ask the Régie du logement to decide. You must complete the form available on the Régie website. You can also pick up the form at the offices of the Régie.

For complaints concerning service quality

You can file a complaint with the service quality and complaints commissioner of your region’s CISSS or CIUSSS. To make the process easier for you, CAAPs can help you draft your complaint.

Dissatisfied with the commissioner’s answer? Haven’t heard back from the commissioner after 45 days? Contact the Québec Ombudsman, which is a second level of redress.

Have you witnessed a situation that worries you? You can ask the Québec Ombudsman to intervene directly for the well-being of the people concerned. Make a report by using our form or by calling us at 1-800-463-5070.

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