Service Statement

Our service quality commitments

Courteous, non-discriminatory exchanges

What you can expect of us:

  • A respectful and inclusive attitude towards you;
  • An ear that is attentive to your needs.

Simple, accessible services

We offer you:

  • The means of communicating with us that suits you; Telephone, Mail, In person by appointment, Online forms, Email, Chat;
  • Help in making your request;
  • Service tailored to your specific needs.

Fair, rigorous and unbiased treatment

You can count on us to:

  • Consider your point of view and that of the public service concerned;
  • Have competent staff for receiving and processing your request;
  • Do our utmost to develop culturally safe services for First Nations and Inuit people;
  • Monitor your file regularly.

Clear, complete and accurate information

We are committed to:

  • Using simple language tailored to your situation;
  • Explaining the results of our work on your file; 
  • Sending you a written reply when you request one.

Protecting your personal information—an going objective

We ensure that:

  • Your identity is protected;
  • The information conveyed remains confidential;
  • Access to your personal information is restricted to people authorized to see it in as part of their duties.

When we examine an application, we listen to all the parties involved.

  • Depending on the situation, we discuss the matter with the department, agency or body concerned in order to find a rapid solution to your problem.
  • When an investigation is necessary and we find that a failure, an error or an injustice has occurred, we make recommendations. Our recommendations are forwarded to the authorities concerned so that they can rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Our service standards commitments

Receive your request
Commitment Target
Answer your phone call within one minute. In 100% of cases
Determine whether we can process your request
Commitment Target
Contact you within two working days of opening your file to inform you of the steps involved in processing your request. In 100% of cases
Within two working days, refer you to the appropriate resource if your request does not fall within our jurisdiction. In 100% of cases
Process your request
Commitment Target
Handle your complaint about a department or agency within 10 working days of initial contact with our investigations staff.  In 70% of cases
Handle your complaint about a provincial correctional facility within 10 working days of initial contact with our investigations staff. In 90% of cases
Handle your complaint or report concerning a health and social services network institution within 60 working days of initial contact with our investigations staff. In 70% of cases
Dealing with a disclosure or wrongdoing within a public body
Commitment Target
Process your disclosure within 60 days of initial contact with our investigations staff. In 80% of cases
Within these 60 days, let you know whether processing of your disclosure is to continue after the initial audit stage. In 100% of cases
Process your disclosure within 18 months of first contact with our investigations staff if your disclosure requires investigation. In 80% of cases

Your responsibilities

We're counting on you to:

  • Address our staff with respect. No abusive, discriminatory, hateful, racist or threatening comments are tolerated;
  • By the prescribed deadline, provide us with the requested information and documents;
  • Notify us promptly of any change in your situation or contact details that could affect processing of your request.

In the event of dissatisfaction

Do you have any comments or are you dissatisfied with the quality of our services?

Let us know verbally or in writing. A member of our team (service quality manager or a manager, depending on the situation) will follow up.

For a complaint about the quality of our services
Commitment Target
We acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two working days. In 100% of cases
We provide you with a clear and comprehensive response within 30 working days. In 100% of cases

You cannot file a complaint aimed at changing the Québec Ombudsman’s conclusions concerning your file.


Our Service Statement is also available in PDF Format (French only).

Service statement in PDF