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  • Why do I have to provide my personal contact information when I send documents?

This enables us to process the information adequately and to match the documents with the complaint file. Note that this is in accordance with section 20 of the Public Protector Act.

  • How can I be sure that my personal data will remain confidential?
    • Your complaint will be handled with complete confidentiality and respect. The Québec Ombudsman conducts its investigations privately, meaning that personal information is always protected and is available only to those authorized to access it within the performance of their duties. Only the information required for handling your complaint will be collected.
    • Furthermore, in order to protect your personal information, the complaint forms and the forms for sending documents available on our website are secure.

The personal information you provide is confidential and is protected and handled in accordance with the law.

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Please note: The information and documents obtained by the Québec Ombudsman during an investigation are confidential and cannot be accessed, even by the person concerned.

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