Role and mandates

The Québec Ombudsman is impartial and independent.

Our mission: to assure that the rights of citizens are upheld in their dealings with the public service.

We intervene every day to prevent or correct infringement of rights, abuse, negligence, inaction or errors that affect citizens in their dealings with:

The Québec Ombudsman provides simple and accessible recourse, without complicated formalities. Every year we receive more than 19,000 complaints and requests for information.

When we examine complaints, we listen to all the parties concerned and carry out investigations that are rigorous and objective

If we see that an error or injustice has been committed, we transmit our recommendations to the authority concerned so that it can correct the situation as quickly as possible. 

Even though the Québec Ombudsman has no authority to enforce its recommendations, more than 97% of them are approved.

Want to file a complaint? Contact the Québec Ombudsman now.

Our other mandates

The Québec Ombudsman is Québec’s correctional ombudsman for the inmates in Québec’s 20 detention centres.

We also act at the preventive level. The Québec Ombudsman can intervene on its own initiative and conduct investigations regarding major issues. Our recommendations in those cases are aimed at solutions to improve the quality of public services. See our investigation report and special reports.

When we feel it is appropriate and in citizens’ best interest, we  propose amendments to bills and draft regulations or to administrative directives or policies. See our reactions to bills and draft regulations.