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Handling of your complaint

Complaints are handled confidentially. Personal information is protected at all times and can be accessed only by the people authorized to do so in the performance of their duties. Only the information needed to handle your complaint is collected.

Before examining your complaint, the Québec Ombudsman makes sure it can intervene. If it cannot, it will refer you to the right resource. Rest assured that we will follow up as soon as possible. 

Investigation procedure

  • The Québec Ombudsman collects the relevant information from the parties concerned (citizen and department, agency or institution).
  • The Québec Ombudsman has the powers of an investigation commissioner. This means that it can require public services to provide it with access to the relevant information and to answer its questions.
  • If the Québec Ombudsman sees that an error or injustice has been committed, it transmits its recommendations to the government department or agency or the institution involved so it can correct the situation as quickly as possible. It cannot impose a remedy, as a court would. However, 98% of the Québec Ombudsman’s recommendations are accepted.
  • If the Québec Ombudsman judges that no error or injustice has been committed, you are informed of the decision not to pursue the case further, and the reasons are explained.

Equitable Intervention (PDF, 473 KB)

Our commitments

Our Service Statement presents our commitments regarding the services we offer. Feel free to make suggestions on how we can improve our services.