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Special reports

The Québec Ombudsman may decide on its own initiative to conduct investigations concerning government departments and agencies when it sees widespread harmful situations. In such cases, our interventions have a collective impact and often make it possible to solve a problem that affects a number of people or groups of citizens and to prevent recurrence.

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  1. December 1 2015

    In a report released today concerning the SAAQ, the Québec Ombudsman called attention to wait times of more than two years before the homes of severely injured persons are adapted to their new condition.

  2. October 5 2015

    The Québec Ombudsman espouses the principle and purpose of health and social services legislation, which is to promote access for all to health services of the best possible quality, regardless of the ability to pay.

  3. April 28 2015

    In a report released today, the Québec Ombudsman presented its recommendations concerning supervision and follow-up of the learning of children homeschooled by their parents.

  4. March 31 2015

    To ensure respect of the principles of procedural fairness in the disciplinary process, the Québec Ombudsman made fifteen recommendations to the Ministère de la Sécurité publique.

  5. March 24 2015

    The Québec Ombudsman presented its findings and recommendations concerning the health services and social services provided to children with an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder.

  6. February 24 2015

    In an investigation report released on February 24, 2015, the Québec Ombudsman exhorts the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques to exercise greater control of private waterworks systems and better management when non-compliance persists.

  7. November 7 2014

    The Québec Ombudsman recommends that all children 6 to 16 years old living in Québec have access to public education, regardless of their or their parents' immigration status.

  8. April 17 2014

    Further to complaints it received concerning the time associated with coroners' investigations, the Québec Ombudsman looked into the issue fraught with adverse human and financial consequences for the loved ones of the deceased.

  9. March 28 2013

    Today the Québec Ombudsman is releasing a report on the organization of emergency response services for accidents that occur off-road. Most problems stem from the fact that accessibility to ambulance services stops where the road system stops.

  10. March 21 2013

    The Québec Ombudsman's report indicates that the administration of parents' financial contribution towards placement of their children under age 18 must be reviewed and that youth centre practices in this regard must be standardized.