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Useful tips

  1. February 10 2016

    If you own a building with at least one rental unit, a new formality now applies.

  2. February 3 2016

    Under certain conditions, the SAAQ adapts the living space of people injured in a road accident... within time frames that were the subject of a special report by the Québec Ombudsman.

  3. January 20 2016

    Here is a snapshot of the rights of minors. At what age can minors legally see a health professional on their own? Can students who work part time get income replacement indemnities if they get hurt on the job? For the answers, read on.

  4. January 7 2016

    Legal aid eligibility thresholds changed on January 1. From now on, if you live alone and your maximum annual income is $19,201, you have free access to the services of a legal aid lawyer.