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Useful tips

  1. January 11 2017

    Mental health touches on numerous aspects of people’s lives and of society. A great many professionals are involved and can give you the help you need. Here's an article designed to make things clearer. 

  2. November 9 2016

    Do you have a problem and don't know where to turn? Here's a list of organizations you should know about.

  3. October 26 2016

    At what age does school become compulsory? How many years does a child have to stay in school? Here are answers that should help.

  4. September 21 2016

    Did you know that a person who has to stay in a hospital before getting a place in a CHSLD has to pay certain accommodation fees?

  5. July 20 2016

    Do you know that there are free information sessions on post-separation parenting?

  6. February 17 2016

    As a parent, you may be eligible for a Revenu Québec tax credit that reimburses you for a portion of your childcare expenses.

  7. January 20 2016

    Here is a snapshot of the rights of minors. At what age can minors legally see a health professional on their own? Can students who work part time get income replacement indemnities if they get hurt on the job? For the answers, read on.