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Common complaints

"I feel that the staff at a CHSLD are too informal with a relative of mine."

Other examples of staff attitude

"I have to pay back an amount I thought I was eligible for."

Other examples of financial damage

"The personal care that my father is getting at a CHSLD seems inadequate to me."

Other examples of inadequate services

"Revenu Québec is slow in issuing my tax refund."

Other examples of wait times

"I received a notice of non-payment by mistake."

Other examples of administrative errors


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February 22 2017
Useful tip

A recent law gives additional protection for tenants aged 70 and over under certain conditions.

February 20 2017
Investigation result

A citizen complained to the Québec Ombudsman because the SAAQ refused to reimburse him for a 2016 registration fee overpayment in late 2015.