The Québec Ombudsman

Common complaints

"I received a notice of non-payment by mistake."


Other examples of administrative errors

"Revenu Québec is slow in issuing my tax refund."


Other examples of wait times

"I feel that the staff at a CHSLD are too informal with a relative of mine."


Other examples of staff attitude

" The CNESST has refused to reimburse for the cost of my medication."


Other examples of financial damage

" The hospital has refused to grant me physiotherapy and has referred me to a private clinic instead."


Other examples of infringement of rights

Frequently Asked Questions

All frequently asked questions

No. To ensure personal information is protected and information is kept confidential, the Québec Ombudsman does not handle complaints on social media, even via private messenger.


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August 21 2017
Investigation result

The woman complained to the Québec Ombudsman because she was asked to pay back more than $5,000 in overpaid bursaries.

July 19 2017
Intervention report

The Québec Ombudsman received a report about the difficulty North Shore residents have getting an appointment with a radiologist in order to receive anti-inflammatory injections.