2021-2022 Annual Report — An opportunity to innovate and improve services to people

  • December 1, 2022

Québec City, December 1, 2022 — In his 2021-2022 Annual Report, Québec Ombudsman Marc-André Dowd weighs in on major shortcomings by Government of Québec departments and agencies. He also reveals serious public integrity flaws within certain public bodies. He also notes that the public service is in the throes of significant change dictated by the pandemic. As he sees it, this era of change must benefit people directly.

"In the past year, public services have displayed an astonishing ability to adapt to the constraints of COVID-19. This undertaking that fosters innovation must be an opportunity for government departments and agencies to work their way back after being hit hard by the pandemic and improve the slate of services to people," the Québec Ombudsman declared.

Examples of worrisome failings by government departments and agencies

A few figures

The Québec Ombudsman acts impartially and independently in ensuring that the rights of people are upheld in their dealings with public services. Its services are free and user-friendly.

Whistleblowers turned to the Québec Ombudsman

In 2021-2022, the Québec Ombudsman received 193 disclosures and 57 requests for assistance as part of the application of the Act to facilitate the disclosures of wrongdoings relating to public bodies.

This law empowers the Québec Ombudsman to investigate allegations of wrongdoing relating to public bodies, as well as to handle reprisal complaints from people who, in good faith, disclosed such acts or cooperated in an investigation conducted further to a disclosure. The Act provides for protection against reprisal for whistleblowers and people who cooperate in an investigation. Under this law, the Québec Ombudsman preserves the confidentiality of the information collected as part of its public service integrity investigations.

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