Can we handle your complaint? | Protecteur du Citoyen

Can we handle your complaint?

we can
help you if:

Your complaint concerns:

  • Québec’s public service.

    Before you do anything else, see the list of departments and agencies within the Québec Ombudsman’s jurisdiction. If you find the one that you want to file a complaint against, contact us.

  • the health and social services network.

    Under the Public Protector Act, in most cases, you must first contact the service quality and complaints commissioner of the institution concerned.

    If you do not get an answer from the commissioner within 45 days, or if you are not satisfied with it, feel free to call us directly.

  • You want to ask the Québec Ombudsman to intervene because you feel that the rights of a user or of a user group within the health and social services network are not being respected, or because a situation you’ve seen within the public service worries you.

    Make a report.

Your disclosure concerns:

we cannot
help you if :

Your complaint concerns:

  • An educational institution (school, school board, cégep, university);

  • Departments, organizations or agencies of the federal government;>

  • Municipalities;

  • Some public corporations (Loto-Québec, Hydro-Québec, Société des alcools du Québec), private companies, merchants and individuals;

  • A physician, resident, dentist or pharmacist working in a hospital, CLSC or other health institution.

Other possible recourse

Other organizations can help you in other situations, for example, if you feel that:

For complaints concerning a physician, dentist or pharmacist, you have to submit the complaint to the local service quality and complaints commissioner of the institution where you were treated. The commissioner transfers your complaint to a medical examiner. If you disagree with the medical examiner’s conclusion, you can bring your complaint to the review committee of the institution concerned.

The private practices of doctors, dentists or other health professional are not covered by this complaint examination procedure unless there have a service agreement with a public institution within the health and social services network.