Hospital medical care: listen to patients and respect their needs

  • May 15, 2023
Woman lying in a hospital bed and holding her attendant's hand

A citizen filed a complaint against the hospital nurses who ignored signs of her discomfort.

The nurses had to insert a catheter in her arm to prep her for a test, but they had trouble doing so. The physician was waiting, so they insisted on completing the procedure quickly.

The woman, who felt pain, couldn’t express herself clearly. However, according to the person who was with her, her discomfort was obvious.

At the Québec Ombudsman’s request, reminders were made to the nursing staff. When in doubt about consent to care, they must double-check with the person concerned. If patients no longer want care, the staff must respect their choices.

The Québec Ombudsman ensures that your rights are upheld in your dealings with Québec public services. Are you dissatisfied with the services of a Government of Québec department or agency? Or with those of a health and social services network institution (2nd level of recourse)? File a complaint by calling 1-800-463-5070 or using our online complaint form.