Shortstaffing at CLSC Naskapi

  • October 27, 2022

The Protecteur du citoyen received a report about Naskapi local community service centre (CLSC), located near Schefferville. Staff shortages had allegedly caused service ruptures. The supervision of the staff was also at issue.

The Protecteur du citoyen decided to intervene to see determine whether the care and service quality was compromised.


Several shortcomings were brought into focus:

The Protecteur du citoyen also saw that the complaint-examination process was not well known to CLSC users. Furthermore, trust between the local population and non-indigenous CLSC professionals was fragile, if it existed at all.

The CLSC had already taken steps to recruit the staff needed:

However, the CLSC’s goals could not be met in the immediate future despite these initiatives.

The integrated health and social services centre (CISSS) in charge was informed about these shortcomings. The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) was as well. Both offered to help the CLSC in its efforts to get on track.

CLSC Naskapi’s actions showed that it took the situation very seriously. Nonetheless, the Protecteur du citoyen considered that certain changes should made.


The Protecteur du citoyen recommended that CLSC Naskapi implement various measures to:

It also recommended that MSSS and CISSS de la Côte-Nord support what the CLSC was doing. The recommendations were aimed at, among other things:

The three bodies accepted the recommendations.

Intervention at CLSC Naskapi (PDF, 216 KiB)

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