Complaints to the Québec Ombudsman are usually filed by the person who experienced the situation in question. Complaints can also be filed by a friend or family member (with the person’s consent if they are considered competent) about a failing or infringement of rights by a department or an agency of the Government of Québec. Complaints can also be about flaws within the health and social services network. In such a case, the Québec Ombudsman acts as a second level of recourse, after the service quality and complaints commissioner.

Reports are made by someone who has witnessed shortcomings or injustice in public services. Do you feel that the rights of an individual or of a group of individuals have been breached by the health and social services network? You can report for the well-being of the persons concerned. Whatever the sector, we act directly on the front line.

The formalities for filing a complaint or report are very simple and cost-free. Contact us now.