How long do documents have to be kept? | Protecteur du Citoyen
April 17, 2019

How long do documents have to be kept?


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Prudence or… laziness—often we let documents pile up in case we’re asked for them sometime in the future. Some must be kept in our personal files indefinitely, while others have a much shorter "shelf life."

To help you sort them out, we suggest the following list. The Archives nationales du Québec website has a more exhaustive list (in French) that also explains why you should keep the various documents.

1 year or less

3 years

6 years

While a good is owned or is being disposed of

  • Leases
  • Invoices and warranty contracts for electrical or household appliances
  • Invoices and warranties for big-ticket items 
  • Invoices and statements for goods paid for with a credit card
  • Service invoices or recreational invoices
  • Tuition invoices
  • Lease contracts and insurance contracts
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Certificates of deposit or of investment
  • Passports

For life

Here’s some advice: to destroy personal documents, better to shred them than simply throw them away. This protects any confidential information.

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