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Reactions to bills and draft regulations

The Québec Ombudsman is called on to give its opinion and make recommendations on bills before they are voted on in the National Assembly of Québec and on draft regulations before their passage by the government.

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  1. July 15 2011

    In an effort to combat consumer debt overload, Bill 24 provides for new credit-related measures, which the Québec Ombudsman has thoroughly reviewed.

  2. July 13 2011

    The main objective of the proposed regulation is to confer new medical duties on ambulance technicians trained in advanced care, thereby increasing their training requirements.

  3. July 12 2011

    The new provisions of Bill 22 clarify the rules applicable in the case of resiliation of a lease under certain articles of the Civil Code of Québec.

  4. June 3 2011

    The draft regulation introduces a new obligation for holders of a certificate of authorization for certain drilling and fracturing work on gas or petroleum wells, namely, that from now on they must periodically file with the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks the information collected in the course of their activities.

  5. May 3 2011

    Bill 2 validates the Order in Council dated 11 November 2009 (quashed by the Superior Court of Québec in November 2010), whose specific purpose was to authorize the Minister of Transport to use lots situated in an agricultural zone for purposes other than agriculture (extension of Highway 87).

  6. March 15 2011

    The proposed changes in the Act to improve the management of the health and social services network will have little practical or immediate effect on the improvement of services to the public.

  7. February 28 2011

    The Québec Ombudsperson has written to Minister Raymond Bachand, expressing her concern about Bill 117, which provides for mandatory automatic transfer of the new solidarity tax credit.

  8. February 8 2011

    The Québec Ombudsperson contacted the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks regarding the draft regulation amending the activities framework of the proposed Samuel-De Champlain Biodiversity Reserve.