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Reactions to bills and draft regulations

The Québec Ombudsman is called on to give its opinion and make recommendations on bills before they are voted on in the National Assembly of Québec and on draft regulations before their passage by the government.

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  1. September 18 2013

    The Québec Ombudsman has examined the draft regulation of the Ministère de la Famille which seeks, among other objectives, to strengthen the measures designed to protect the health and safety of children who attend the network of educational childcare services.

  2. September 9 2013

    While saluting the objectives of the reform of the Code of Civil Procedure, particularly the improvement of access to the justice system, the Québec Ombudsman recalls that recourse to the courts is not accessible to the majority of citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

  3. May 21 2013

    The Québec Ombudsman's services are accessible not only to natural persons, but also to enterprises. Because the Banque de développement économique du Québec and its subsidiaries will offer direct services to enterprises, the Québec Ombudsman considers that they should be subject to its jurisdiction, which is not the case in the current version of the bill.

  4. May 17 2013

    The Québec Ombudsman supports the provisions concerning the new powers granted to the Registrar of Civil Status in matters of issuing a certificate of change of designation of sex and an act of death. It takes this position because the proposed amendments give effect to its recommendations published in the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 Annual Reports.

  5. May 3 2013

    The Québec Ombudsman welcomes the amendments that will allow study participants and their heirs or legal representatives access to the complaint examination procedure.

  6. May 3 2013

    The Québec Ombudsman commends the desire to update the chartered administrators' Code of Ethics and strengthen their duties and obligations in order to improve the protection of the public and has issued recommendations to ensure that the proposed amendments achieve this objective.

  7. April 23 2013

    The Québec Ombudsman offered comments on the Commission d'accès à l'information (CAI) 2011 Five-Year Report: Technology and Privacy, in a Time of Societal Choices, submitted for general consultation to the Commission des institutions.

  8. April 4 2013

    The Québec Ombudsperson acknowledges the soundness of the amendments made to the Tax Administration Act to take more effective action against economic crimes against the State.

  9. March 28 2013

    In a letter to the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity, the Ombudsperson expresses concern about the amendments to the Individual and Family Assistance Regulation.

  10. March 27 2013

    Pending an overhaul of the crime victims compensation system, which the Québec Ombudsman has been calling for since 2002, it endorses the government's will to increase assistance to crime victims and their families.