Reaction to Bill 100

  • September 27, 2021

In a letter sent to the Chair of the Committee on Labour and the Economy, Ms. Claire IsaBelle, on September 23, 2021, the Québec Ombudsperson, Ms. Marie Rinfret, commented on Bill 100, Tourist Accommodation Act.

The Québec Ombudsperson applauds the will to modernize and simplify the rules governing tourist accommodation. However, she feels that the Bill is an opportunity to go even further. Among other things, she considers that when short-term accommodation offerings are listed on digital platforms, it should be mandatory to indicate the establishment’s registration number.

Ms. Rinfret also pointed out that sometimes citizens unknowingly break the law. Despite their good faith, they end up with a hefty fine. As the Ombudsperson sees it, the overriding goal is to ensure that they do not repeat their mistake. As a result, she considers that it would be preferable to issue warnings before imposing fines.

Given these concerns, the Ombudsperson made two recommendations to the Committee on Labour and the Economy.