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Intervention reports

Our intervention reports concern only the health and social services network. We produce them on our own initiative or further to a report.

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  1. February 23 2016
    The Québec Ombudsman received reports about flaws in the quality of care, triage process and staff behaviour at the emergency room of Hôpital Pierre-Le Gardeur, in the Lanaudière region.
  2. November 24 2015

    The Québec Ombudsman received a request for its opinion from the users’ committee at Centre de santé et des services sociaux de La Côte-de-Gaspé concerning the committee’s independence and operational autonomy.

  3. September 1 2015

    The Québec Ombudsman received reports of major deficiencies in the quality of the care and services provided to the residents of Centre d’hébergement Harricana, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

  4. June 9 2014

    The Québec Ombudsman concludes that MUHC’s admission of a Kuwaiti foreign national for healthcare in December 2011 occurred outside normal channels and without government supervision.