Intervention at Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus de Québec

  • April 27, 2023

The Québec Ombudsman received a report about Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus’s medical device reprocessing unit (URDM). The report described the failure to comply with certain sanitary and infection prevention and control standards. The Québec Ombudsman decided to intervene because of the potential risks of unsafe care being provided to service users.


The Québec Ombudsman went to the URDM to observe the activities there and the medical device reprocessing zones. Reprocessing consists of disinfecting and sterilizing medical devices so they can be reused. This process is subject to standards that guarantee care safety.

The Québec Ombudsman saw certain failings, including the following:


For the sake of safe care to service users, the Québec Ombudsman made ten recommendations aimed at compliance with the applicable standards for medical device reprocessing and the cleanliness of the premises.

CHU de Québec–Université Laval accepted all the Québec Ombudsman’s recommendations. The Ombudsman will see to it that they are implemented.

English summary of the intervention report concerning Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus de Québec (PDF, 138 KiB)