Intervention concerning a rehabilitation centre in Estrie

  • June 17, 2024

The Protecteur du citoyen intervened in a temporary housing unit at Centre de réadaptation Val-du-Lac run by CIUSSS de l'Estrie. This centre takes in minors monitored under the Youth Protection Act. A few of them also have an autism spectrum disorder or behavioural problems.


Four young people were referred to this temporary unit. However, the investigation showed that it did not meet their needs.

The main problems brought to light by the investigation included:

Since this report was written, the CIUSSS has identified a location that can accommodate one of the four young people. A second location is being evaluated to provide an additional place. The CIUSSS has still not identified a suitable living environment for the other two young people.


The Protecteur du citoyen made eight recommendations to the CIUSSS, urging it first to:

The other recommendations were aimed at improving the quality of services provided in the temporary accommodation unit. More specifically, the unit’s purpose should be clarified and staff training requirements should be upped.

All the recommendations were accepted. The Protecteur du citoyen will monitor their implementation closely.

Intervention report concerning Centre de réadaptation Val-du-Lac (PDF, 311 KiB, in French only)