Intervention concerning three intermediate resources in the Mauricie region

  • May 7, 2024

The Protecteur du citoyen intervened on its own initiative concerning three intermediate resources (IRs) under contract with CIUSSS de la Mauricie-et-du-Centre-du-Québec. They accommodate adults with age-related loss of autonomy (Pavillon Blainville), specific mental health profiles (La Barcelone) or intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders (La Vida).


The investigation showed that there were a number of problems in the three IRs, varying in seriousness depending on the location:

On January 31, 2024, the contracts of the three IRs were transferred to another operator. Even so, the Protecteur du citoyen believes it is essential to intervene with the CIUSSS to prevent similar problems from recurring.

Note that the CIUSSS plans to open a new residence (continuous assistance resource) in the coming months. It will be able to respond to the more complex needs of certain IR La Vida residents. In the meantime, CIUSSS employees are on site to provide them the care and services they need.


The Protecteur du citoyen made seven recommendations to CIUSSS de la Mauricie-et-du-Centre-du-Québec. They are aimed at improving the residents’ safety and the quality of care and services provided by the IRs and any similar resources under contract with the CIUSSS in the future.

All the recommendations were accepted. The Protecteur du citoyen will keep a close eye on their implementation.

Intervention report concerning La Barcelone, La Vida and Pavillon Blainville, intermediate resources (PDF, 429 KiB, in French only)