The Protecteur du citoyen adopts a statement of principles concerning First Nations and Inuit

  • June 21, 2024

To mark National Indigenous Peoples Day, Ombudsperson Marc-André Dowd is highlighting First Nations and Inuit heritage, resilience and diversity throughout Québec.

With a view to helping to recognize Indigenous rights and realities in public service provision in Québec, the Protecteur du citoyen has adopted a statement of principles based on five main thrusts:

"We wanted to have a founding document that would convey our desire to establish genuine relations with First Peoples based on mutual understanding, continuity and openness," explained Ombudsperson Marc-André Dowd. "Our statement of principles expresses our institution's respect for First Nations and Inuit and the place they rightfully occupy in Québec's historical, contemporary and future reality."

The statement of principles is consistent with the Protecteur du citoyen's commitment to follow up on the calls for action of the Public Inquiry Commission on relations between Indigenous Peoples and certain public services in Québec: listening, reconciliation and progress (Viens Commission) until they are fully implemented.

See: The Protecteur du citoyen’s statement of principles concerning First Nations and Inuit (PDF, 547 KiB)