Filing a health network complaint in the public or private sector

  • February 1, 2023
  • CHSLD, CISSS, CSSS, Community organizations, Private seniors’ residences, Health
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As someone who uses Québec's health and social services network, you have rights. This includes access to quality healthcare and social services. If your rights are not upheld, you can lodge a complaint in strict confidence. Here's how.

The health and social services network

The health network consists of many resources, including:

All these resources are subject to the same complaint examination procedure. To lodge a complaint, begin by approaching the service quality and complaints commissioner of the institution concerned.

Do you disagree with the commissioner's response or have 45 days gone by without you hearing back? Contact the Protecteur du citoyen as a second level of recourse.

Medical acts

If your complaint concerns a physician, pharmacist or dentist, the commissioner will transfer it to a medical examiner.

Disagree with the medical examiner's conclusion? Your second level of redress is the review committee of the institution where the health professional in question practices. The medical examiner's response will include the contact information needed.

Any complaint against a health professional (physician, nurse, psychologist, etc.) can also be filed with their professional order.

Private sector

Does your complaint concern a private clinic or a health professional who works there? Start by checking with a commissioner to see whether the clinic is affiliated with a CISSS or a CIUSSS through a service agreement. If so, the commissioner will handle your complaint.

If the clinic isn't affiliated with a CISSS or a CIUSSS, file your complaint with the administrators or the professional order of the professional concerned.

Need help?

To learn more about the health network's complaint examination procedure, go to

Do you have questions about your rights as a health and social services network user? The users' committee in your region can provide information. It can also help you with the complaint. So can a complaint assistance and support centre (CAAP).

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