Give mental health its rightful place | Protecteur du Citoyen
May 5, 2015

Give mental health its rightful place


Invited to give the keynote address to launch Annual Mental Health Days 2015, Ombudsperson Raymonde Saint-Germain used numerous examples to draw attention to the sizable challenges that Québec’s government departments and agencies face in their interaction with people who have mental health problems.

In recent years, the Québec Ombudsman’s interventions have regularly pointed to the difficulty government departments and agencies have adapting their services to respond to the special needs of citizens who “do not fit into the mould.” The Québec Ombudsman’s last annual report describes the lack of service integration and continuity for people grappling with mental health issues.

In her address, Ms. Saint-Germain brought up the pressing need for the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux to establish a new mental health action plan, the former one having expired in 2010. She also called for greater collaboration of everyone within the health network, who, more than ever, will be called on to work together in the current context of the reform of the healthcare system.

Speech by the Ombudsperson at the opening of Mental Health Days 2015 (French version only, PDF, 410 KB)