September 14, 2017

Draft Regulation to amend the Individual and Family Assistance Regulation


In a letter to the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity, François Blais, the Québec Ombudsman conveyed its comments about four components of the draft Regulation to amend the Individual and Family Assistance Regulation:

  • implementation of the Aim for Employment program;
  • removal of the provision concerning the production of the short monthly statement;
  • exclusion, for social solidarity program recipients, of up to $950 a month of income and interest from a succession;
  • implementation of the provisions concerning the Voluntary Declaration Program.

Furthermore, the Québec Ombudsman reiterated two recommendations it made in the past and which are not taken into account in the draft regulation (i.e. calculation of the amounts received as compensation for the loss of physical or psychological integrity; and review of the amounts granted for medical material under Schedule III of the lndividual and Family Assistance Regulation).

The Québec Ombudsman will keep abreast of developments regarding this draft regulation and of the implementation of the recommendations it made, with special attention to introduction of the Aim for Employment program.