Bill 2 – Act to tighten the regulation of cannabis | Protecteur du Citoyen
February 13, 2019

Bill 2 – Act to tighten the regulation of cannabis


In a letter to the Committee on Health and Social Services, the Québec Ombudsman commented on a specific aspect of Bill 2, Act to tighten the regulation of cannabis.

In the letter, the Québec Ombudsman reiterated its recommendation made in the context of analyzing Bill 157, Act to constitute the Société québécoise du cannabis, to enact the Cannabis Regulation Act and to amend various highway safety-related provisions.

The Québec Ombudsman remains concerned that despite its recommendation in January 2018, intermediate resource facilities, community organizations or rehabilitation centres for youth with problems of addiction or maladjustment are still not on the list of places where any cannabis possession is prohibited. This omission seems to run counter to the purpose of the Cannabis Regulation Act, namely, to "prevent and reduce cannabis harm in order to protect the health and security of the public and of young persons in particular."

The Québec Ombudsman again recommended the addition of these resources to the list of places where it is prohibited to possess cannabis.