A draft bill to improve access to justice | Protecteur du Citoyen
December 2, 2011

A draft bill to improve access to justice


The aim of the draft bill is to improve the accessibility of civil justice and service quality and promptness. The means proposed in the new Code of Civil Procedure include alternative modes of dispute resolution, more power for judges to intervene, better control of judicial proceedings, greater autonomy for citizens to act within the judicial system, and an increase in the maximum amount for claims brought before the Small Claims Division to $15,000.

In a letter to the Chair of the Committee on Institutions, the Ombudsperson expresses her general approval of the solutions proposed in the draft bill. However, she also makes the legislator aware of the importance of informing citizens about non-judicial recourse, more specifically, in their relations with government. She insists that such a course is crucial to developing trust between citizens and government departments, public agencies, bodies, and other government institutions.