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August 26, 2019

Hospital: adapt meals to people’s conditions


Homme assis dans un lit mangeant un repas

The complaint

A man at the emergency ward was served a meal that was completely unsuited to his condition. Since the staff were unable to give him a more appropriate meal, the citizen complained to the Québec Ombudsman.

The investigation

  • A man with gastroenteritis went to a hospital emergency ward, where he spent the night.
  • The next day, the staff served him a meal containing meat.
  • Given his condition, the man was sure he would be unable to properly digest that kind of food.
  • The staff explained that there were two kinds of diets available on the ward: liquid or solid.
  • The investigation by the Québec Ombudsman showed that at this hospital, several diets could be provided, including regular, liquid, semi-liquid and diabetic diets. The plate that the man was served contained a regular meal.
  • The staff said that they did not have access to the services of nutrition professionals. As a result, they could not provide meals adapted to the condition of everyone admitted to the unit. 
  • During the investigation, the Québec Ombudsman discovered that the staff were wrong. The meals of people admitted to the hospital emergency ward could be tailored to their condition. To order a special meal for them, the staff had to put in a request to the people in charge of the food section.
  • Evidently, the emergency ward staff were not very familiar with this procedure.

The result

Further to the Québec Ombudsman’s recommendation, the institution informed the staff concerned about this way of proceeding.

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