Useful tips

  1. February 3 2016
    Under certain conditions, the SAAQ adapts the living space of people injured in a road accident... within time frames that were the subject of a special report by the Québec Ombudsman.
  2. January 20 2016
    Here is a snapshot of the rights of minors. At what age can minors legally see a health professional on their own? Can students who work part time get income replacement indemnities if they get hurt on the job? For the answers, read on.
  3. January 7 2016
    Legal aid eligibility thresholds changed on January 1. From now on, if you live alone and your maximum annual income is $19,201, you have free access to the services of a legal aid lawyer.
  4. December 21 2015
    An unfortunate fall on the ice, viruses, sports injuries. With the Holiday Season come occasional misadventures in which you end up at a hospital emergency room waiting to see a doctor.
  5. December 9 2015
    Do you receive the solidarity tax credit? Note that important changes will take effect next January 1.
  6. November 27 2015
    If, in your dealings with public services, you are doled out delays that seem unreasonable to you, you can call on the Québec Ombudsman.
  7. November 12 2015
    Using power of attorney to have the person who buys your car represent you for the SAAQ transaction is not without its risks…
  8. October 30 2015
    Can we override his or her wishes?
  9. October 14 2015
    Ambulance transportation isn’t free of charge for the general population, even if a person’s health condition warrants it.
  10. September 30 2015
    Are you affected by the changes to childcare rates?
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