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  1. July 8 2015
    Do you tend to be a pack rat when it comes to paperwork, or do you shred it as soon as you can?
  2. June 25 2015
    The use of a camera to monitor a CHSLD resident’s safety requires thorough examination of the facts.
  3. June 10 2015
    Under the Professional Code, only physicians, dentists and veterinary surgeons are allowed to use the title of “Doctor” or an abbreviation of that title without restriction.
  4. May 27 2015
    Here’s a look at some Loans and Bursaries Program requirements for people who want to study outside Québec.
  5. May 14 2015
    The Longueuil ombudsman, the student ombudsman, and so forth. Are they extensions of the Québec Ombudsman?
  6. April 30 2015
    Not all cyclists know that they, like motorists, must obey the Highway Safety Code.
  7. April 15 2015
    Do you get your drinking water from a private waterworks system? If you do, does the operator have the required permit?
  8. April 1 2015
    In Québec, some 60,000 people get their drinking water from a private waterworks system. Are you one of them?
  9. March 18 2015
    With or without a permit, legal or illegal—how do we find our way through the maze of childcare services in Québec?
  10. March 3 2015
    Like to head down south to escape the winter? Be careful—SAAQ and RAMQ take the time you’re gone into account…
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