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  1. February 22 2017

    A recent law gives additional protection for tenants aged 70 and over under certain conditions.

  2. February 8 2017

    In Québec, there is no minimum age for having a job. Note, however, that the law gives precedence to school until the young person reaches the required age or graduates.

  3. January 25 2017

    Generally, to be entitled to health services covered by the public plan, you have to present your health insurance card.

  4. January 11 2017

    Mental health touches on numerous aspects of people’s lives and of society. A great many professionals are involved and can give you the help you need. Here's an article designed to make things clearer. 

  5. December 14 2016

    Are you allowed paid statutory holidays? Which dates are important to remember? Can your employer ask you to work on Christmas Day?

  6. November 23 2016

    The Act provides that pharmacists can now conduct new professional activities to better respond to their clients’ needs.

  7. November 9 2016

    Do you have a problem and don't know where to turn? Here's a list of organizations you should know about.

  8. October 26 2016

    At what age does school become compulsory? How many years does a child have to stay in school? Here are answers that should help.

  9. October 5 2016

    You can file a complaint with the Québec Ombudsman at the second level of recourse. However, you must contact the institution’s Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner first.

  10. September 21 2016

    Did you know that a person who has to stay in a hospital before getting a place in a CHSLD has to pay certain accommodation fees?

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